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i think im gonna delete my lj... its not that fucking cool...
if anyone wants it ill give them the pw or whatever
but i dont want it ... so ... if anyone wants it then they can have it cuz im just deleting it ...
im bored with it ... i have my space now !!! w00t w00t back the fuck up !

if we get a bunch of people at our show at javajazz on friday then ill keep it ...
but im not that exciting and no one ever comments or anything so no one really cares i figure...
but ... if we get a lot of people at our show ill keep it up and update a lot ...



but i love her... she's the reason for the legions ...
man.... i love her... i start bleeding when she's leaving

Gym Class Heroes
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I'll miss reading your journal.
no you wont... its silly and all i do is bitch...
oh stop being a comment whore.
ill see you in 1 week!!
its not so much being a comment whore as it is being a whore to get people to my show... BUT i will delete it if we get less then 60 people
i agree with this comment
The Javajazz sucks.
shut up your coming...
Ew. No, I'm not.

you better be ! i totally miss you like woah !
we can make out and stuff !


damnit turtle
don't delete your fucking journal.
it's badass because its yours...duh
i know its awesome cuz its mine... but but im getting bored of it ...
and unless you bring a shitload of people to the show on friday...
its gone..

oh turtle dont delete the lj! this is our only connection!!! i dont have a myspace :(

ps: gym class heroes are amazing.
man...thats true... but we do have aim/ichat !
and you could always get a myspace !
and gym class heroes are totally fantastic...
you should check you the rocket summer...
nothing like gym class heroes... but i still think you'd like it ...


oh yes rocket summer are wonderful. they play here all the time, cuz the lead singers wife goes to school here...(crazy huh?) ive still yet to get the new cd though. gah im dumb.

you are hearted, turtle deary.