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so i haven't been here in a while...
saw some peoples entry's about stuff that was kinda depressing
i think thats kind of why i strayed away from el jay and started going towards myspace more and more
simply because i've never had any sort of drama on myspace
but livejournal seems to be running rampant with it
and simply because myspace makes me happy because i can actually meet new people on it
and with livejournal you're kinda just stuck in a depressing rut to bitch about things...
so umm... i might be deleting my lj soon
simply because myspace is less depressing
and i've been kinda happy recently ...
(not really)
so i dont really need any sort of come downs from my perma-drunk
for all of you that know me
i think i've met a girl that i really really like
and that makes me super happy !
big fucking step right ?
well for me it is

TURTLE: whats up relationship ? how you doin ?
RELATIONSHIP: oh i don't know... still wondering about things
TURTLE: oh yeah ? me too... i'm kinda looking to settle down if it's any consolation...
RELATIONSHIP: you're a liar
TURTLE: i know...



love is over-rated... it's no chemically different then eating large quantities of chocolate
Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate
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