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i have no lover !

and she hasnt the prettiest eyes !

9 February
shut up
i love you
(old)planes mistaken for starts, a jealousy issue, a long february, a new beginning, action action, american football, another damn disaster, another day's gain, arcade fire, architecture in helsinki, athlete, attention:, audio learning center, avail, avec, bad astronaut, bear vs shark, beep beep, before braille, besana, beulah, biblical proof of ufos, bloc party, blonde redhead, boards of canada, braid, brazil, burns out bright, carissa's wierd, cave in, celebrity, challenger, christie front drive, circa survive, city of caterpillar, conceiting the victory, cool hand luke, counterfit, cross my heart, daphne loves derby, dead red sea, dear diary, dear tonight, death from above 1979, denison marrs. no knife, dntel, do make say think, doves, down to earth approach, drive til morning, earlimart, eastern youth, elefant, elliott, emanuel, eniac, every new day, explosions in the sky, feeling left out, few and far between, filmmaker, final fantasy, fire divine, fiver, for reasons unseen, french kicks, fugazi, gardner, gatsby's american dream, gem, get well soon, give until gone, godspeed you black emperor!, gratitude, gravy train!!!!, gym class heroes, horse the band, hot cross, hot snakes, hot water music, jejune, kill me tomorrow, knapsack, koufax, ladytron, long since forgotten, mc chris, mc lars, metric, mineral, minus the bear, mono, moving units, new end original, no knife, nobuo uematsu, noise ratchet, not quite ready, notwist, novice, now its overhead, number one fan, one true thing, open hand, oranger, owen, penfold, piebald, pop unknown, prize fight inferno, radish, recess theory, red animal war, rites of spring, river city high, rocky vololato, say anything, sea and cake, since by man, sleeping at last, slow coming day, small brown bike, sounds like violence, speaking of heroes, spy versus spy, squarepusher, summer darling, sunny day real estate, superstitions of the sky, texas is the reason, the 1989 chicago cubs, the bravery, the casket lottery, the chase theory, the good life, the headphones, the jealous sound, the june spirit, the promise ring, the race car riot, the sky's the limit, thunderbirds are now!, tilly and the wall, time spent driving, wake up, xiu xiu