XturtleX (fuck_emo_im_hxc) wrote,

rhetorical questions

so here i am again
with a rose and a voice
yelling out your name
but you still cant hear me
where do we go from here
backwards ?
why ?
thats all i can think of
and why not ?
where else is there to go ?
just take me home
i cant stand to see you cry
and i cant stand to kill a rose
can you save this life ?
all you give me is hope
so i stand here second best to noone
and all i want is you
so lets see where this bottle takes us
and see if we get to heaven or hell
i'll just pretend i dont care
so here i am with nothing
empty pockets
and your name
and a dream
the roads collapse and i stay still
because i have no beliefs
so my eyes watch it fall apart
and become soggy from debris
erase my life and memory
and feel what its like to have nothing
take the clues and remember where youre going
and just leave me here with a candle
and no matches
and lock the door so you can leave
because i dont need you


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