XturtleX (fuck_emo_im_hxc) wrote,

doesnt have a name yet... i just wrote it

you are my perfect sonnet
so trust me and just breathe
my bed is far too cold for one
and I've gotten so used to sleeping alone in the dark
so hold my hand and don't let go
and light up my life like a match to a smoke baptize me in your love
like a spark in the night
and let it be known
that we were all meant to be loved
in search for a word that i thought i had lost
I found it with you next to the heart i had tossed
so don't forget to breathe when you forget you roses
they'll be waiting for you with me stuck in poses
so feed the butterflies trapped in my stomach
with kisses from you
and us not turning back
so will you be that sonnet I've been meaning to write
and spend some days with me and a happier life?
If you leave me now that would be fine
but i will wait for you
like the moon waits for the night
just know I'll be here like it was carved in stone
and I'll be the first thing you see when you come back to me...
I'll be home...


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